AMShrinkB shrink bags are made of AMShrink film and are used in packing fresh meat, cured meat, sausages, and cheese.

AMShrinkB shrink pouches are made from multilayer film of various compositions, as barrier and high barrier ones with EVOH layer, they have shrinking parameters of 30% or 50%.

The thermoshrinkable bags are made with side seals and bottom straight seals and bottom curved seals (from a thermoshrinkable sleeve) on a tape or a roll.

Range of sizes: width from 100 to 1200 mm, length from 150 to 4800 mm.

Advantages of AMShrinkB bags:

  • perfect gloss,
  • very high transparency,
  • high barrier against gas, water vapour, UV radiation permeability,
  • very high mechanical strength,
  • possibility to order any kind of size and packaging form,
  • reliable hermetic closure even if dirt occurs on seals,
  • good seal at very high packaging paces,
  • very short shrinking time,
  • possibility to order with flexographic surface print.

AMBag thermoshrinkable barrier bags are adapted for all kinds of machines for vacuum packaging of all renowned manufactures. Due to high quality and perfect durability, the machines obtain very high efficiency, and your product - perfect quality.

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