Najnowocześniejsze technologie zapewniają najwyższą jakość, dzięki czemu zostają wykorzystane największe możliwości w procesie pakowania żywności.

All of the offered products stand out due to their quality and use of the most up-to-date production technologies in film extrusion, lamination, print, and bags processing (customising).

  • Two extrusion methods are used for film (foil) production - blow or cast.
  • Multilayer laminated films (foils) - their production is based on the most up-to-date solutions. High quality glues without solvents are used during production processes.
  • Printing process is carried out with the newest lines. Depending on the product, the print may be flexographic on the surface or between layers made during lamination process.
  • Customizing and processing covers mainly vacuum bags and shrink bags. We customise products for specific clients' requirements as well as machine specifications. All vacuum bags may additionally be equipped with euro hole and easy open, made from a sleeve with a bottom seal. Customising and processing allow us to make doypack packagings, re-closable bags (with a zip), and other products according to clients' specific requirements too.
  • Shrinkable bags are adapted for packaging lines and may be supplied on a tape or a roll, or in bulk. The pouches in bulk and taped bags can be produced with either side seals or bottom seals (bottom straight or curved seal). 

One of the common features of all the products is high quality reached thanks to the implemented international production norms like ISO 9001 and HACCP.

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    Taka to wiadomość z ostatniej chwili, wersja angielska został rozszerzona, rewelacyjne nowe możliwości.

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