AMPAC was established in 2006 and it mainly specialises in the food packaging industry.

Our aim is to provide comprehensive food packaging solutions.

All the packaging products we offer are made in factories located all over European Union; they all comply with any highest quality standards on account of the fact that the newest and most modern technologies are applied in the production process of the offered items.

We are one of the leading companies supplying food packaging to meat, chicken (poultry), fish producers and processors in Russia. The good reputation of our company is also known in EU countries.

We provide all packaging items (e.g. vacuum bags, shrink bags) cooperating with a professional international logistic operator. 

Taking advantage of our knowledge and considerable experience, we also provide comprehensive counselling services to companies which are willing to start or extend their activity onto the territory of the Russian Federation.

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+48 665 14 14 75
  • English News | 2010-11-28

    Taka to wiadomość z ostatniej chwili, wersja angielska został rozszerzona, rewelacyjne nowe możliwości.

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